Back Blast- Feats of Strength 7/13/2020:

7 PAX gather at the basketball court to see what presents YHC had brought to share in celebration of Christmas in July: (@Dr. Evil, @Checkbook, @Hook em, @Duvet, @Bidet, @Epstein and YHC Flounder.


  • Seal Jacks
  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Mountain Climbers

Thang: Twelve Days of Christmas in July. PAX were instructed to run to the light pole in cul-de-sac and back after completing each day as the move through the12 days of Christmas in July.

  • 1 -Man Maker
  • 2- Lt Dan’s
  • 3- Nolan Ryan’s (each arm)
  • 4- Overhead Tricep Extensions
  • 5- Single leg Dead Lifts (each leg)
  • 6- Curls
  • 7- Upright Rows
  • 8- Mountain Climbers
  • 9- Bent Over Fly
  • 10- Goblet Copperhead Squats (ic)
  • 11- Hip Thrust Chess Press
  • 12- Burpees w/ a Squat

Omaha was called at 7:13 as @Dr. Evil & YHC completed the last set. Sorry if you missed out on the Burpee Squats.


  • American Hammer (20 IC)

Prayer Concerns & Joy’s

Keep W-S police force in your prayers has they continue deal with the protest.

Pray that the people protesting refrain from using violence.

Pray that @Duvet’s father in-law continues to recover from his stroke.

Pray for heeling on Duvets thumb

Dr. Evil led us out!

It was an honor and privilege to lead this group of fine men!

Seeing that @Tardy once again fartsacked one of my Q’s, I am beginning to take it personal. For that, I am going to take next week off and let Tardy or Hook em’ take the lead.