Sludge free Saturday Backblast 7/11/2020

The Q sheet indicated a heavy dose of SLUDGE:

But no Sludge. So this turned into the highest form of Q….improv.

Kay led WAR. YHC rolled in late. The ever talkative Chipper said I must have warmed up in my car on the drive over.

Kay led us to the track. Paired up. Partner 1 ran the track. Partner 2 did an exercise, such as crab cakes, pull ups, merkins, LBCs. YHC thanks Boone’s Farm for carrying our team…

Then checkbook stole the Q. Mosey to parking lot. Backpedal up lot, do the called exercise. 3/4 run down the lot, do called exercise. Notable exercises included lunges, thigh masters, WWI, Cindy Crawfords. Several of the pax asked me to share the following gif…

Also, Pacer can backpedal fast…

Kay was fast as always, but the real surprise was Boone’s Farm turning on the afterburners following a slow start…

Mosey to front of school for curb work. Curb bangers and Rocky Balboas. We missed Elaine.

Mary was a group effort. Gilmore led Parker Peters. Then Flounder led gas pumps in honor of Gilmore. Someone led Superman/Ironman in honor of Flounder. Kay closed us out with AH.


COR: 11 total. Would have been 12 with Sludge.

NOR: Chipper, Pacer, Gilmore, Boone’s Farm, Lucky charms, Flounder, Kay, Checkbook, Madoff, Epstein, Tardy

Prayers for leaders, making decisions about reopening schools, prayers for police, prayers for those asking for change, prayers for Crankbait and family during this time of home repairs and transition.

Gilmore led us out.

Your scribe, Tardy