The Oracle – Feats of Strength 7/6/20

Pax showed up and checkbook already had a cautionary tale about some early morning weirdness in the park.



  • SSH x10IC
  • Morrocan night clubs x15IC
  • Seam rippers x15IC
  • Nancy Kerrigans x10IC fwd&rev

The THANG – The Oracle

“Past predicts the future”

  • Four stations make a round.
  • Each station 70sec work
  • 15sec rest between station
  • Four rounds.  
  • 35sec rest between rounds

Within the first minute, Dr Evil told me the music was too loud. Compliment accepted.

Dr Evil to YHC


  1. Your date of birth
  2. Your wife’s birthdate
  3. Your oldest child’s birthdate
  4. Your wedding anniversary (I’m sure everyone remembered this date)

Station One – Last digit of year: 

  • 0 plank destroyers (shoulder taps, Makhtar NDiaye, Plank jack, Merkin)
  • 1 Merkin punchouts
  • 2 Arnold press
  • 3 CDDs
  • 4 Tricep press
  • 5 Dips
  • 6 Chest fly
  • 7 Derkins
  • 8 Newton’s cradle
  • 9 Curls

Station Two – Month:

  • January Gorrilla Squats
  • February Lt. Dan’s
  • March Copperhead squats
  • April Lunges
  • May Bobby Hurleys
  • June High knees
  • July Monkey humpers
  • August Thigh masters
  • September Standing long jump
  • October Dipping dots
  • November Pistol Squats
  • December Rocky Balboas
Slice and Dice had trouble getting his knees up high for the “high knees”

Station Three – Day:

  • 1-5 WWI
  • 6-10 WWII
  • 11-15 AH
  • 16-20 Turkish get ups
  • 21-25 Freddie Mercury
  • 26-31 Cindy Crawford
Broadside and Deliverance were super talkative

Station Four 

  • Burpees (crowdpleaser)


  • Rosalita Whip x20IC
  • Pretzel crunches x11IC each side
  • Low slow flutters x11IC
  • AH x20IC

YHC almost lost it when Hook ’em almost fell over during AH.

Hook ’em



7 with the Q


Checkbook, Broadside, Slice and Dice, Hook ’em, Deliverance, Dr Evil, Tardy (Q)

Prayers and announcements

Prayers for Deliverance and family, as his M’s mother (Nena) passed away recently after a long health decline.

Praise that Hook ’em’s oldest child has a birthday today. Still just enough time to pick up a toy from a convenience store.

Slice and Dice menu is up for this week. Order early and often.

Slice and Dice led us out in prayer.

22 for the troops

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy

Park security footage of the Pax.
Great job everyone.

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