Backblast: Northern Aggression, Slow and Steady

Ten loyal Pax joined in the gloom to find that there was almost zero mosey. We moved to a larger parking lot to get our social distancing on, and we proceeded like this with the Pax:

Pax: Wham-O, Fortran, Sludge, Sprinkler, Boone’s Farm, Madoff, Flounder, Lovie, Checkbook, Dr. Evil (QIC)


  • SSH’s, 25 IC
  • Sungods, SS, 15 IC, reverso
  • Abe Vigodas, 10 IC
  • Slo mo Seam Ripppers, 4 IC sorta….with no rhythm clapping by some…

Cue the speaker for Thang I, to the tune of 15 bpm (metronome) really just for guidance…

Thang I:

Pax completed each exercise, then repeated for 4 total sets.

  • Single Leg Pushup, one per beat, Left then right, 8 per side
  • Step through lunges, 8 per leg
Qwop Slow GIF - Qwop Slow WalkSlow GIFs
  • Shoulder tap, 12/side

Apologies to Sludge with a damaged wing for the exercises heavy on planks.

Thang II (met with a bit of grumbling…)

This time the channel was changed to Tunes from Tabata, 40 sec work, 20 sec rest.

  • Plank Walks with Mountain Climbers (Start in a plank, reach to your right with your right hand, follow with your left hand, and complete the move to the right with right knee/left knee mountain climber move. Repeat for 5 moves to the right followed by 5 moves to the left until time elapsed)
Sloth Slow GIF - Sloth Slow Animal GIFs
  • Plank Hop & Squat: Start in a plank and jump feet to hands, raising to a squat position. AMRAP until time elapsed.
  • Squat Hold: Legs as close to 90 degrees as possible with a straight back.
  • The Pax got through ~2 sets before….


  • LBC’s, 30 IC
  • American Hammers, Epstein Style, 25 IC

Prayers for the world, Sprinkler’s work associates that cannot return to their native countries to attend mother funerals, young woman battling eating disorder.

Sludge prayed us out.

22 for the vets.

Hope you guys got enough–

Dr. Evil

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