FEATS of STRENGTH – 6/29/2020 Backblast

10 PAX (@Deliverance, @Epstein, @Tardy, @Duvet, @Hook Em, @Broadside, @Fudd, @Checkbook, @Mulligan & YHC Flounder) gathered by the basketball court. Knowing we had a lot of work to do this morning the Q decided to skip the F3 purpose and disclaimer and proceeded  to take a long mosey through the parking lot, past the Skate Rats PAX, through the the cul-de-sac and finally stopping in the parking lot behind the School for Warmaroma.

  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • Seam Rippers
  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Sun Gods

Feats of Strength workout went like this: PAX lined up along one side of parking lot and spread out so there was there was one Pax per parking space (10’ apart for good measure). PAX performed a list of duel exercises where they did exercise #1 only once at each station while increasing exercise #2 by one rep at each station until reaching station 10. That worked out to three trips across the parking lot. Total 10 – 55 reps. Per circuit & 21 trips across the parking lot.


  • #1 Burpees- #2 Bicep Curls
  • #1 Lt. Dan’s – #2 Arnold Presses
  • #1 Merkin – #2 Overhead Triceps Extensions
  • #1 Goblet Squats – #2 Plank Rows (ea arm)
  • #1 Turkish Get Up – #2 Dead Lifts
  • #1 Overhead Press – #2 WWI w/ weights
  • #1 American Hammer (IC) w/ weight – #2 Standing Rows

Mumblechatter – Tardy kept whining something about having to keep getting up and down off the ground. Not sure what that was all about? Apparently, my easy listening James Tayler Pandora music selection did not work for him because even has we went around for roll call he laid down on the ground and started crying again.

Prayer concerns – Wheezy cut part of his Achilles but not sure how bad yet & @Gilmore 2.0 broke her arm.

Hook em lead us out.

Hope everyone got enough!

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