2020-06-29 Skate Rats Backblast

“10” PAX assembled in the gloom to mock and ridicule YHC. They were Crawdaddy (Soul mate #2), Slice-n-Dice, Blue Hen, Elaine, Water Wings, Fortran, Madoff, Red Hot, Shear Conn (Soulmate #1), Elaine, and Dean (QIC)

Despot Flounder decided to occupy the Skate Rats owned Cul-de-sac for his WOR…and the police (Cough Hook’em) were right there to allow such atrocities!!! Therefore, in pure childish manner, YHC took the group to the basketball courts for our WOR

Seattle will move to dismantle protest zone, mayor says | | wfmz.com



Abe Vidogas

Ripper Seams (Works the mind and body)

Hill Billies (for Fortran)

Sun Gods

Then Time for Slice-N-Dice to the center for a Happy Birthday song while doing monkey humpers around him. YHC noted that Slice won’t get anything like that for the rest of the day and Crawdaddy make sure to note that nor would he ask for anything like that….But let’s be real, Slice loved it!

Surrounded GIFs | Tenor

Then off to the shelters for the thang. PAX formed Mumblechatter based teams. To maximize Mumblechatter.

2 Rounds of exercises to be completed as a team

Shelter #2 – 60 Lt. Dans, 60 Step ups each leg, 60 Homer/Marge

Travel to #3 with 15x lunge each leg then run

Shelter #3 – 20 Dips (IC), 20 Himalayan Humpers (IC), 20 LBC (IC)

Travel to playground by skipping

Playground Area – 60x Hand Release Merkins, 120 Squats, 12x Cindys Each side (IC)

Travel to Shelter #2 with bear crawl and run

As time wrapped up, the Q gave one team horrible instructions so they finished without completing a station, but we made do…

Then Mary’s of:

Back Stretch for the Back-sleeping fartsackers

Supermans for the stomach sleepers

Cindys for the side sleepers

Then Crunchy Frogs..Pressure got to the Q and he couldn’t get form right…

Then LBC and Hammers to close it out

We then did 5x Burpees and Sang happy birthday again to Slice, thus bookending the morning for him. And apparently his group also sang to him, so that’s 3x happy birthday before 6:30 am…

Praise’s that Slice’s M is doing well

Crankbait took us out

An honor to wake up in time,


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