Backblast – School 6 – June 26, 2020

Nine PAX and one Q set out in the gloom of the school six for a limited run, no chain event. Thanks to Flounder and Whamo we now have the definition of “limited run”, more on that later. I am assuming that Tardy sent in a substitute, Red Hot, since he signed up but no showed the event. Too bad crawdaddy wasn’t there, Slack would be full of comments. Having said that, the complete attendance list; Flounder, Whamo, Deliverance, Shear Conn, Fudd, Weezy, Duvet, Red Hot, Sprinkler, & YHC.

For warm-o-rama we moseyed to the last parking lot line behind the building only to return to the area of the porte-cochere. There we did chinooks, helicopters, hillbillies, frankensteins, and seam rippers.

The thang, Unlucky/Lucky, seemed to be a good fit for this crowd. Limited running, as I stated, with a game of chance using playing cards. Here’s how it went.

Each card, 2 – Ace, was assigned an exercise. We drew two cards, the first card, run to the top of the amphitheater to perform 13 reps (unlucky side) of that exercise; second card run to porte-cochere and perform seven reps (lucky side) of that exercise. Continue this as a group until Omaha is called. The Q or YHC began to regret having Weezy cut the card deck when two aces were drawn. Had Gilmore joined this AO he would have been in heaven. Ace = burpees (all four Aces were played)! Below is the legend of exercises.

We were able to complete 14 hands

At the start of Mary, Flounder and Whamo confirmed that “limited running” equals 1.5 miles. For those needing a picture of 1.5 miles (similar to FarSides workout, according to Dr. Evil’s watch);

Mary consisted of WWIs, a Red Hot favorite, Cindy Crawfords, LBCs, protractor, & hammers.

Prayers lifted for police officers safety and our communities healing.

Shear Conn led us out.

Thanks for joining me this morning at the front of school six.

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