Post Blast – Ivey Redmond

12 – I mean 10 Pax showed up in the gloom to work on the chain gang: Duvet, Lucky Charms, Dean-Soulmate, Gilmore, Broadside, Hookem, Special Ed, Hot-n-Now (Welcome Back!), Mulligan, Wheezy, Chipper, Shear Conn (Q)

Anxious to get going, we started two minutes early, which was 4 minutes before Chipper came around the corner on two wheels.

WOR: SSH, Cotton Pickers, Ave Vigodas, Hillbillies and hurdler stretches

After dividing into two teams, each team received a length of chain to run with. Indian run to the lower lot. Last guys sprints forward with the chain and drops it at the front of the line. New last guys sprints to pick it up and drop it again at the front. Repeat cycle to end of lot. Dean decided to celebrate the 4th early by lassoing the chain on his run and setting off a very nice display of fireworks. Thanks for cleaning the rust off my chain.

The fun begins – Race to the gate: One team member begins dragging the chain in a bear crawl position. (Reach between the legs, grab chain, move forward, grab chain and repeat.) While one guy is dragging the chain, the remaining team members perform an exercise, then move forward as a group to catch up with the chain dragger. The chain dragger is replaced by another team member. Rest of team performs another exercise then moves forward again. Repeat until reaching the gate.

Team Exercises for chain drag race: 10 Prisoner Getups, 20 SSH in cadence, 10 Turkish getups, 10 Lt Dans, 20 WWIIS. (Repeat these 5 exercises until the chain reaches the gate.

Initial Reactions from the Pax:





Lucky………….. Wake Up!

Winner of the race gets awarded planks while watching the loser do 10 burpees.

Moving out to the road: 1 burpee at each light to the gravel road.

Mozy to the Concession area for (Yes – Lucky called it) 20 Erkins, 20 Derkins and 20 dips In Cadence

Mozy to the parking lot for a good old fashioned round of suicides. There was no wheezing from Wheezy as he led the pack; Gilmore a nose behind.

Mary: 10 count Low slow flutters, Cindy Crawfords and 25 Am Hammers

Prayer Concerns: Slice N Dice’s M recovering from surgery / Policemen and esp Hookem, Hot-n-Now, Broadside and Manhands.

Thanks from Gilmore and myself for the prayers and support during time of losing mother in laws. Also, thanks so much to everyone for contributing to the meals for our families prepared by Slice N Dice.

Crankbait led us out

22 for our servicemen

Thanks for coming out. Delmar, Pete and Everett would be proud!