BackBlast 6/24/20- Northern Aggression SE

9 PAX gathering at the Picnic Shelter where we started with a the F3 purpose and disclaimer, we then moseyed down to the S & W Motors parking lot on Main Street for Warmaroma which consisted of Chinook Squats, Hillbillies, , Abe Vigoda’s, Seam Rippers and  Mountain Climbers ..

The PAX then moseyed south on Main Street and then right on Oakhurst and then left down Cherry St to the retaining wall at MSUMC.

Thang 1 – 11’s – Step-ups (Ea leg) and Dips. “55 total of each”

The PAX then moseyed back up Oakhurst and over to the front steps of the old Chapel at MSUMC were Q asked group to count off by 2’s.

Thang 2 – 11’s – Makhtar N Diaye out by sidewalk and Thigh Master at top of steps. Pax were to run between stations making sure to touch each step.  Group 2 started at top of steps. “55 total of each”

The PAX the moseyed north up Main St. to First Fidelity Bank parking lot.

Thang 3 – 11’s –Crab Cakes and LBC’s. Group 1 & 2 started at opposite ends of parking lot and ran between stations. “55 total of each”

PAX then moseyed to back part of the Bank parking lot where we did a round of plank/merkins. Each PAX took turns running around circle while the other’s held plank until runner completed circle and then all PAX did one merkin. This was continued until all 9 had run 1 lap.

Mary consisted of Pretzel Crunches (12 each leg) and American Hammer (20).

PAX posting was @Fortran, @Checkbook, @Sprinkler, @Lovie, @Red Hot, @Tardy, @Whamo, @Change Order and YHC Flounder.

Prayer Concerns – Keep the police officer’s in your prayer and pray that the protest stay peaceful.

Joys – @Whamo’s 2.0 daughter turns 6 tomorrow and is having her first sleepover.

@Sprinkler took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead such a fine group of men. Always an honor!

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