Pain In The Park Get All You Want

But Today You Can Get all you want out of the workout!!!!

Epstein, Duvet Boons Farm, Check Book, Madoff, Hook Em, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, BlueHen, and Sludge

Quick mosey through the park. While on our Mosey Epstein posed a question. The answer was we would do 2 burpee’s whenever you passed a bench or picnic benches.

Warm-a-rama Chinooks, Deans, Seam Rippers, Sun Gods, Hillbillies, Imperial Squat Walkers, Frankenstein’s Rocket Style, A quick back stretch.

Starting from the basketball court and running through the park clock wise there was a short route and a long route back to the basketball court.

The Long Way

The Short Way (Y’all know who you were)

On each lap do the number on the board at each station. Except for station 3 you did every exercise on the board and you have to roll the cube of pain to find out the reps. The catch if you rolled the ? you did as many reps as you wanted as long as it was over 10. If you landed on the F3 sticker you roled again and multiplied the reps by 3. (Dr Evil and Sludge hit the F3 sticker 3 times in a row #stayedallmorningatstation3)Example: lap one do the 1st exercise at station 1 & 2 the whole board at station 3 and travel back to the basketball court.

This one got us Dr. Evil

Each time you came through the basketball court (Core Cube of Pain & Standard Cube of Pain). Each pax would role the ab exercise as well as the standard exercise and the reps.

3 pain stations

Station 1 Far left Shelter

5 Plank Destroyers


15 Thigh Masters Ea leg

20 Merkins

25 Bobby Hurley’s

Station 2 was the far right shelter

5 Exploding Lt dan’s

10 Plerkins

15 Cindy Crawfords ea side single count

20 Plank Jacks IC

25 Slunges

Station 3 in the tennis court

Irpees with bench jump up





Orangutan Squats



Thigh Master’s

Scissors Crunches

Nice job by the Pax I hope everyone got what they wanted out of this workout.

Mary: LBC’s, Camel Toes, Cindy’s and AH


Gilmore’s Wife and Family as they lay her mother to rest.

Duvet 1st week back selling Duvet’s

Gilmore lead us out.

Always a honor to lead and to be part of this group.