Post Blast – School Six

A Lightning Free (And unfortunately Delmar Free) Workout

7 LOYAL Pax showed up: Whamo, Crawdaddy, Dean, Broadside, Duvet, Gilmore and (Q) Shear Conn.

At the threat of lightning bolts, Gilmore hightailed it back to the house before the WOR even thought about getting warm. But at least he showed up unlike 3 others who’s initials are Fudd, Blue Hen and Sprinkler. But that’s OK, you guys gave us plenty to talk about. I’m sure we got it out of our system and Crawdaddy and Dean will have nothing else to add later.

With the wenke washed away in the rain, we headed out on an improvised Q.

WOR Part 1: SSH, Cotton Pickers.

As the next wave of rain was coming in, Dean led the pax on a run to the first shelter, when out stepped the “Thing” from the dark shadows. Shrieking like a teenage girl, Dean bolted to the other side of the park. The pax blissfully followed.

WOR Part II: Ave Vigodas, Imperial Squat Walkers, Hurdler stretches

Mozy to the larger shelter for 11s. Burpees on the slab- 10 step-ups each leg- WWIIs on top of the table.

20 each Mercans, Erkans, Derkans, Dips

Exercises chosen by pax: Dean:20 Lt Dans , Broadside: 20 LBCs, 20 Low Slow Flutters, Crawdaddy: 5 Fudd insults in cadence, Whamo: Things got fuzzy at this point.

With rain subsiding, head back to the auditorium with a combination of front mozy, backwards mozy, Duvet crawls and Crawdaddy crab side hops.

Mary: Hammers

Prayer Concerns: Broadside, Hookem, Man Hands and police dealing with criminals while having one hand tied behind their back. Praises: Shear Conn’s father, brother-in-law, friend Mark all recovering and doing well. Also Slice-n-Dice’s M recovering from surgery.

Dean led us out.

As this was improvised on the fly, I may have left something out. (Sorry if I did)

Always an honor.

Shear Conn