BackBlast – Bus Benches 6/19 – Splash!

The Q sheet was open at 10:35 last night, so YHC filled the space and scrambled for a last minute plan amidst uncertain weather. Rain and lightning did little more than threaten, but the puddles were pervasive.

PAX: Change Order, Dr. Evil, Checkbook, Fortran, FloRida (QIC)

Mosey from benches to office parking lot (Mountain St side) for Warmarama:
SSH – 15 IC
Sun Gods – 12 IC, forward and reverse
Seam Rippers – 15 IC

Mosey up Nelson street to the back office parking lot (School St side) to begin The Thang:

Mosey a lap from School St to Bus Benches to Mountain St to Nelson back to School St. Various stops along the way. Repeat for 3 laps:

Back Office Parking Lot – Bobby Hurleys at each parking line. 1 at first, 2 at second line, 3 at third line, etc. The lot has more lines than YHC anticipated (19 to be exact), and the Hurleys quickly accumulated. QIC called an in-flight modification to cap the count at 10 and ladder back down. Further modification for 1 B.H. at each line for second and subsequent laps.

Bus Benches
Lap 1 – 20 HopOvers (Hold bench with hands and hop legs from front of bench to back)
Lap 2 – Bulgarian Split Squat (Flounder’s favorite) 20 each leg. Trailing leg on the bench. Squat with leading leg.
Lap 3 – Peter Parker Derkin – 20 or until failure

School drop-off circle entrance
Lap 1 – 20 WWI situps – soak the back of shirt
Lap 2 – Moon Gods – 10 IC each side. Soak the sides of shirt. Where were you, Epstein?
Lap 3 – Homer & Marge – 20 Single Count

Office Parking Lot (Mountain St)
Bear Crawl up with Merkin at each line. Splash through puddles. Soak the front of shirt.
Lunge Walk down, with squat at each line.
Modify Lap 3 to skip the Merkin and Squat, except Dr Evil who was well in front of the pax and almost finished the set when QIC stumbled in to call the modification.

Nelson St sidewalk
Lap 1 – Shoulder Taps – 20 IC
Lap 2 – Plank Jacks – 20 IC
Lap 3 – out of time

Omaha during lap 3. Finish with a few minutes of Mary in the office parking lot: LBCs – 15 IC; American Hammers – 25 IC

Circle of Trust
Gratitude and celebration for Slice & Dice, whose M came through surgery successfully and is now on the mend.

Dr. Evil led us out with prayers for HIM to be light and love in a broken world.

22 for the vets, tripod-style: One leg up; switch legs after 11.

Always a joy to participate, a privilege to belong, and an honor to lead! FloRida

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