Backblast – “Stolen Q” – Ivey Redmond – 6/11/20 – Weds

Pax: Whamo, Sludge, Fudd, Broadside, Epstein, Duvet, Hook’em, Dean, Gilmore and Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawadaddy

10 Pax showed for a Dean Q that was quickly highjacked and made better

WAR: 15x SSH, Frankenstiens, Chinooks, Cotton Pickers/standing Hurdler stretch, Imperial Walkers

Thang:  Socially distance partner up.

Partner1 does reps – runs parking lot to relieve partner2 doing alt reps.  High knees while awaiting partner.

Partner 1                   Partner 2

10  x Merkins                  Squats

15 x WW1                        Mt. Climbers

5 Step Ups (EL)               Curb Derkins

Pax did slowsey Indian Run around the parking lot

Upon return to shelter the Fist City Loretta Lyn alarm sounded prompting 2:02 minutes of Hillbillies and Goofballs.

10 x Erkins                      High Jumps

Then full parking lot suicides with 5, 10 and 15 Merkin stops


Homer and Marge

Duvet 10 count of Low slow flutters

Freddie Merc


19 American Hammers

Prayers:  Duvet’s Uncle, Slice n Dice’s wife and family, Jonathan Armenta heading off to boot camp.

Sludge prayed us out..

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