Backblast: Bring your 2.0 to F3 day

Bean planters – counted by Crawdaddy
Don Quixote – counted by Epstein
High knees – counted by Caddy
Lap around the parking lot

The Thang
Parking lot 7’s – Bobby Hurleys and Lt Dan’s

Hill run 7’s – Mountain climbers top, Merkins bottom

Parking lot frog hop

Baseball field – Fireman’s/back carry.

Merkin contest
Dads vs Dads (1st place Caddy approx 55 Merkins)
Kids vs kids (1st place Epstein 2.0 Dropkick)

Baseball field – Fireman’s/back carry (t-claps to Epstein for attempting to carry all three 2.0s at one time)

Water Balloon toss burpees

Dad bear crawl or crab walk while pelted with balloons

Water Baloon relay (I think Pacer and his 2.0 won?)

Baseball field – Fireman’s/back carry lunges.

Free for all with remaining water balloons.

(in case you were curious, we went through about 440 water balloons)

Freddie Merc


COR 14 with the Q

Crawdaddy with 2.0 Hanson
Caddy with 2.0 Gameday
Epstein with 2.0 Dropkick and 2FNGs named Bob Ross and Crash Test
Pacer with 2.0 FNG named Pele
Mulligan with 2.0 FNG named Jeeter
Tardy (Q) with 2.0 FNG named On Time

Prayers and announcements: kids out of school for summer, the graduates, uncertainty around Fall semester of school, keep our police and first responders safe, keep protests peaceful.

Epstein led us out.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy