BackBlast – Flash Bang Friday (Bus Benches)– 6/12/2020

12 PAX (@mulligan, @Sprinkler, @miracle, @crankbait, @Whamo, @Blen Hen, @Change Order, @Water Wings, @Chipper, @Duvet, @Far Side and YHC Flounder) met for a beatdown at the bus benches.


  • Capri Lap (Road and back)
  • Finkle Swings
  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • Steve Earle’s
  • Anne’s

Group counted off by 1-2 to split the group in half to maintain social distancing the best we could. Group 2 started at benches while Group 1 started at the rail.

Thang 1: Combo of 11’s at bus benches and rail where we alternated back and forth 10-1 / 10-1; 9-2 / 9-2 as so on

Bus Benches – Step Ups (ea leg) & Dips

Rail’s – Reverse Merkin under rail & Big Boy Sit-ups

Thang 2: Combo of 7’s at bus benches and fence by football field. (No back and forth on this one due to time constraints.)

Bus Benches – Derkin’s & Rock Balboa’s

Fence – Lt. Dan’s & Crab Cakes


  • Never Cross Dolly
  • Gas Pumps
  • Superman
  • American Hammers

Pray Concerns:

  • People out of work
  • People battle Anxiety & Depression
  • Country / State – Covid-19 / Protesting


  • Support the local farmers at the Kernersville Farmer’s Market – Open 8 to 12 on Saturday’s

@Blie Hen lead us out.

Hope you got enough!