Back Blast 6/10/2010 – Poison Ivy by GrandFudder


10 (but who’s counting) Loyal F3 Kville PAX Members showed up at Ivy Redmond eager to get in a good workout. After a nearly perfect intro speech, the work out consisted of the following:

Mosey to upper lot for Warm-o-rama

Exercises:    (15) Side Straddle Hops – Cad

                        (10) Sun Gods Forward – Cad

                        (10) Sun Gods Backward – Cad

                        (15) Hillbillies – Cad

                        (15) Frankensteins

Round 1 – Shelter/Steps

-Down the steps and up the hill

11’s                Derkins – Picnic Tables

                        Lt Dans – Bottom of steps

Round 2 – Shelter/Steps

-Down the hill and up the steps

7’s                   Monkey Humpers (Cad)

                        Side Plank Merkins

Round 3 – Softball Fields Common Area

5’s                   Slurpees (Squat/Lunge/Burpee) or Lt. Burpee

                        Erkins (Cad)


Exercises:                  (20) LBCs

                                    (10) Cindy’s each side

          (21) Hammers

PAX in attendance: Epstein, Duvet, Crawdaddy, Lucky Charms, Hookem, Tardy, Mulligen, Wheezy, Crankbait, Broadside, Gilmore

Prayer/Praises: Pray for our schools transitioning back in the fall, Wheezy’s sister’s health, Praise for GrandFudder’s grandbaby, Friend of Crankbait’s suffering with depression – Robin and Laura, Others suffering with depression, Praise for Duvet returning to work. Crankbait prayed us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this group! Always a pleasure!!!

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