Back blast Pain in the park


Epstein, Lucky Charms, Tardy, Check Book, Madoff, Kay, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, and Sludge

Trying to get your Saturday off right with 8,000 steps.

Quick warm-a-rama Chinooks, Deans, Seam Rippers and 2 side straddle hops

Starting from the basketball court and running through the park clock wise always taking the long route back to the basketball court. On each lap do the number on the board at each station. Example lap one do the 1st exercise at each station and travel back to the basketball court.

Each time you came through the basketball court (Core Cubes of Pain). Each pax would role the ab exercise and the reps.

3 pain stations

Station 1 right as you go over the 1st bridge

5 Plank Destroyers


15 Thigh Masters Ea leg

20 Merkins

25 Bobby Hurley’s

Station 2 was the back parking lot

10 Lt. Danurpees

20 FloRida Merkins

30 WWI

40 Crab Cakes

50 Orangutan Squats

Station 3 by the amphitheater

5 Exploding Lt dan’s

10 Plerkins

15 Cindy Crawfords ea side single count

20 Plank Jacks IC

25 Slunges

Nice job by the Pax I hope everyone got their 8,000 steps.

Mary LBC’s, WWI’s, and AH


Gilmore’s buddy Scott Straton who had a stroke and was rushed to hospital no long lasting effects.

Madoff been doing F3 for a year and has hit a personal weight goal of muscle.

Duvet with Job situation

Sludge lead us out.

Always a honor to lead and to be part of this group.