Backblast – Skate Rats 5/29/20

Gilmore, Sludge, Water Wings, Wham-O, Boones Farm, Flounder, Hook’em, Testimony, and Jane joined YHC for a sheepishly disguised workout or run, I should say. Gilmore started his day with a good deed and directed the long lost FarSide to the parking for the Bus Benches AO. Luckily, the close proximity among AOs afforded FarSide plenty of time and therefore saved him from being renamed Tardy II. Back at Skate Rats our very own Hook’em came screaming in during our warm up run. While both Tardy and Hook’em drive white unmarked vehicles, I doubt Tardy has that funky horn that Hook’em blurped as he screamed through the PAX. I guess Crawdaddy slow rolling coal could be worse.

With Hook’em on scene the PAX circled up at the cul-de-sac for warm-o-rama. Chinooks, helicopters, and hillbillies provided a less than sufficient warm up for the running about to occur. The workout was quite simple; in the convalescent center the “wheel of destiny” contained a good variation of exercises while picnic shelter #2 displayed the bucket of nuggets. An evenly split Pax would run clockwise from shelter to shelter. The ‘ones” began at the Convalescent center to spin the wheel and perform the winning exercise; at shelter #2, the “twos” pull a nugget out of the bucket and perform the exercise. As always, the run from shelter #2 to the convalescent center looked good on the weinke. It should be noted that on the “twos” first trip to the “wheel of destiny”, Gilmore rigged the spin to land on 10 burpees.

Running between shelters accumulated 2.5 miles. Testimony and Wham-O decided to run the even longer route between shelters and squeezed in 3 miles; Wham-O setting the bar high as he ran a total of 9.5 miles with is 6.5 mile EC.

Alas, the PAX reconvened at the cul-de-sac for Mary. Mary was; LBCs, Cindy Crawfords, protractor, and hammers.

Praise and prayers for Jane’s father with a successful pace maker implant. Dad and his body are responding positively to the pace maker.

With that, Jane led us out.

Always a good time, even at 5:30am.