BackBlast Bus Benches 5/29/2020

PAX: Shear Conn, Dean, Broadside, Far Side, Paperclip, 🦞daddy, Special Ed (QIC)

7 PAX assembled in the gloom with anticipation of the return of Far Side. YHC was quickly adding Wienke’s to each bus bench and finding rocks to hold said Wienke’s down when 🦞daddy’s diesel pusher exhausted all over me. With lunges filled with carcinogen’s we were off.

  • Warm-o-rama
  • Dean Vigoda’s
  • Seam Rippers
  • Sun God’s
  • Chinooks
  • The Thang:

The PAX numbered 1-6 to claim their respective bus bench, complete with their personal Wienke. Exercises were randomized for each Bench as to not have competition to complete the exercises too quickly.

The Goal was to complete each exercise, then complete the corresponding run and back. TCLAPS to Sheer Conn for rinse and repeating first.

20 SHOULDER TAPSRun to Mountain St
25 BOX JUMPSRun to Nelson St back through parking lot
25 LBCsRun to Football Fence
20 STEP UPSRun to Handrail, down and around
25 DIPSRun a Lap at the Track
25 REVERSE LBCsRun to 50 YD Line
25 IRKINSRun to Gate at Track
25 ROCKY BALBOASRun Hill behind benches
25 CAROLINA DRY DOCKSRun to near Goal Post
25 CURB BANGERSRun to far Goal Post

Crowd pleasers were 25 Box Jumps. Even better was when your bench had the Box Jumps after you ran the wet football field. Completely random, but nice work 🦞daddy as YHC see’s now that Bench 4 rain the wet football field and the wet hill all before your prescribed box jumps.

YHC stole graciously some of this list from a recent Flo-Rida prescribed beatdown, so it was only natural to blame him when the whining started.

Apologies to the advanced aged one that could not read the small font in the gloom.

Omaha was called at the 36 minute mark.


Homer and Marge

Cindy Crawfords 15 left side and 20 right side for those that complained 15 were too many…


Musings: Far Side has a source for glow in the dark shoes for those interested. 🦞daddy proclaims they come with a free highlighter…

Prayers and Praises:

Nice to have Dr. Evil join us for COT. He seemed to be crushing the Friday Murph in pure shirtless Epstein style.

Praises for the Teachers that have done so much to keep our kids educated through all of this. Praise for Sheer Conn’s brother in law that had to have a second procedure. Doing well and back home.

Prayers for Far Side’s mom, fell and shattered her wrist. Thankfully lives near Far Side’s sister for support.

Prayers for peace and calm for Minneapolis and other cities with unrest. Pray for our nation to come together and heal.

Far Side led us out in prayer.

22 for those veteran’s suffering

Thanks for the chance to Q.

Special Ed