Pre-Blast – The Murph

There will be two Murph workouts on Memorial Day in Kernersville on-stie and one virtual (see Tarde’s Pre-Blast). Please sign up on Google Sheets for the 0630 or 0730 event. This is not a sanctioned host site, but we will do the Murph workout using both official or unofficial tactics behind Kernersville Elementary at the track.

Official Murph:

One Mile Run. 100 Pull-ups. 200 Push-Ups. 300 Squats. One Mile Run. Wear a 20 pound weight vest.

Un-Official Murph:

Do the Murph and modify as necessary up to and including not doing parts of it at all.

All Locations:

Work hard and remember the ones who gave their all – and laid down their life for their friends.

Side Note: it’s not too late to register ( for the official Murph and support the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. The registration has been extended through July 7 this year on account of COVID 19.



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