BackBlast – Yardbirds 5/22/20 Puddle of Mudd

10 or fewer pax joined for a socially distant romp through the squishy early morning schoolyard. Or the sidewalk. Or the driveway. Or the neighbor’s front lawn. All the wheels came off today – Sign-up sheets ignored. Alternate AOs with no Q. Pax leaking from the the designated workout location in every direction like a cake left in the rain. Despite it all, or perhaps because, a beatdown occurred.

Warmarama – SSH & Chinooks & SunGods & Seam Rippers & Mountain Climbers.

The THANG occurred on the Field of Screams:
Group 1 sets the pace, running from East Side to West Side, stopping for a burpee at the midpoint, then 10 Bobby Hurleys on the West Side, then return trip east with another midpoint burpee.

Group 2 performs a stationary exercise on the east side of the field (or wherever a pax chooses to comfortably settle) while Group 1 is traveling. Then switch roles, with Group 2 traveling and Group 1 exercising. Repeat for next exercise.

Stationary exercises:
1. T-Merkins (Merkin topped with one-arm plank. Rotate free arm to sky forming a T shape with torso and arms.)
2. Copperhead squats.
3. WW1 Situps
4. Shoulder Tap & Plank Jack combo
5. Thighmaster Left Leg only.
6. Thighmaster Right Leg only.
7. Reverse LBC
8. Diamond Merkin
9. Side Plank Scissors – Left Side
10. Side Plank Scissors – Right Side
11. Prisoner Get Ups
12. Groiners

Mary: Dying Cockroaches, Nolan Ryans, Shoulder Bridge Kicks, American Hammers

Prayers for Squidward’s (lost pax) mother who is hospitalized after breaking bones in a fall.
Prayers for ShearConn’s family after mother-in-law passed away.
Praise and gratitude for Tardy’s mother, who is recovering well from difficult surgery.
Thanks from Gilmore for pax thoughts and prayers for his family. Means a lot to him, and especially to his M.

Sludge led us out in Plank.

Always an honor to lead, a privilege to belong and a joy to participate.