Skate Rats Backblast 5/15/20 – Six Pack


  • SSH x15IC
  • Don Q x15IC
  • Morrocan night clubs x15IC
  • Mountain climbers x15IC


Time to develop six packs for the summer.

Round 1. Bunny hop to 3 stations

  1. WWII x20
  2. Freddie Merc x20
  3. Merkins x20

Backpedal back

R&R 5x

Intermission: Six inch leg lift up/down on change order’s call

Round 2. Bear crawl to 3 stations

  1. LBCs x20
  2. Reverse LBCs x20
  3. Side plank push ups x20

Backpedal back

R&R 5x

Intermission: Planks and side planks on Epstein’s call


AH x20


Count O Rama: 4 with the Q

Name O Rama: Epstein, Change Order, Dr Evil, Tardy (Q)

Prayers: Dr Evil’s M is leading & implementing online learning so pray that goes smoothly. Tardy’s mom, for continued progress following surgery to remove brain tumor.

Dr. Evil led us out.

Always an honor and always right on time.