Backblast – Flash Bang Friday, the School Six subdivision. 05/15/2020

10 Pax gathered in perfect weather to take on the concrete jungle know as the bus parking lot.  Blue Hen, Kay, Chipper, Slice & Dice, Sludge, Lucky Charms, Crankbait, Madoff, long-lost Whamo, and YHC.

WOR: SSH’s, On-your-back Florida style stretching (Lucky was moaning and groaning…nobody asked), Mtn. Climbers, Dean Vigodas, Seam Rippers and a mosey to the top of the bus parking lot.

The Thang: Starting at the top of the lot, lunge down to the bottom of the lot and backwards run back up.  Rinse and repeat.  For the next 35 minutes or so, we traveled up and down the parking lot – 3/4 speed down and reverse run up, stopping each time for a pain station.

Pain Stations:
15 Monkey humpers (IC)
20 Gorilla squats (we actually did 40 b/c Blue Hen counted them IC)
20 Hillbillies
20 Dying cockroaches
25 WWIs
20 Thigh masters
20 LBCs
20 Copper head squats
15 Lt. Dans
20 Backward lunges

Then off to the guardrails for 30 dips, 30 merkins, 30 more dips, and 20 more merkins.

Back to the pain stations and travel, rinsing and repeating until time to call Omaha.

6MOM: cindy crawfords (interrupted by traffic), box cutters, AHs.

Prayers:  Slice & Dice’s family as they deal with unexpected illness. 
2020’s seniors (not Lucky) as they deal with graduating and going off to whatever is next in a world dealing with COVID-19.  It’s tougher than usual when you have no idea what path you will wind up heading down, and when you can even start down it.      

Always an honor, Gentlemen.  Checkbook out!