Spotify THIS!! Feats of Strength Backblast 5/11/20

Second FOS Q in a row. PROPS to Broadside, Flounder, and Epstein for coming back for round two. Fudd also joined the upper body beat down this morning. That made 5 total including YHC. Flounder begged to do the disclaimer so YHC was more than happy to oblige him. Again, he did it with zeal and complete confidence.

WAR: Side Straddle Hops, Karate Sun Gods, Imperial walkers, and Seam Rippers. We then went for a fast paced short run. As we were doing the WAR, the PAX witnessed a horrendous sight as two wandering lonely PAX decided to do Monkey Humpers next to the fence with their backsides facing us. Unbeknownst to them (Sprinkler & Crankbait), the ladies in the parking lot were watching with amusement and pity. One was loudly overheard saying, “Look, they are doing Booty Bumps!” It quickly turned on Sprinkler and Crankbait and they rushed away.

THANG: Once again 8 stations were strategically placed around the basketball court to ensure social distancing. Each station was one exercise and the PAX rotated from one station to the next, carrying their dumbbells from one station to the next. They did as many reps as they could in the one minute time frame. We completed 4 sets of the 8 stations. It was glorious.

The stations consisted of these exercises and are in the order in which the PAX completed them: front arm extensions, goblet squats, merkins, dips, irkins, monkey humpers, curls, and low slow flutters. YHC made a concerted effort to vary the muscle groups that were being worked from one station to the other. Last week there was an issue with this. Once again, it became an issue this morning. Placing merkins, dips, and irkins back to back to back proved to be exciting and an bit overwhelming, but the PAX overcame and modified if needed.

The Q was eager to try a different Spotify playlist than the two playlist from last week. The Q is quickly learning not to go with any predetermined playlist and that the Q should make up his own playlist. This mornings music was a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Simple Minds, Pretenders, Duran Duran, The Cure, Beastie Boys, Don Henley, and several other forgettable songs rang loud and clear from the basketball court. The ladies at the skate ramp were happy…and distracted.

Mary: Cindy Crawfords, LBC’s, Q’s version of Homer & Marge, and Hammers.

COT: Fudd’s Daughter Cassidy is expecting her first child and Fudd’s first grandchild within the next two weeks. Praying for the health of Cassidy and exciting. Fudd cant wait to spoil his granddaughter upon her arrival! Lifted up Tardy’s mother and Duvet’s father in law, both experiencing significant health issues.

YHC led us out and then 22!

Honor to lead, thanks guys!

Hook Em