BackBlast: 7-11 May 9, 2020

Seven lockdown escapees stared down a late spring frost to post to the outdoor auditorium and warm themselves with movement. Inexperienced at this four-in-one small group environment, QIC FloRida selected the correct parking spots but the incorrect AO. The always gracious Sludge yielded the amphitheatre to which he had rights, and two competing beatdowns went off without a hitch.

The Pax: Kay, Duvet, Tardy, FNG Quinn aka G.L.O.W., Lucky Charms, Dr. Evil and FloRida (QIC).

Warmarama: 15 SSH, 10 Chinooks (quickly now), 10 Sungods, 10 Seam Rippers, 10 Peter Parkers.

Abyss Merkins on the benches and Lt. Dans in the parking lot.
Dips on the benches and Bobby Hurleys in the parking lot.
Prisoner Getups and Mahktar N’Diayes on the hill
LBCs and Reverse LBCs in the parking lot with travel challenges: Frog Jump out, Bear Crawl return. Abbreviated to 7s, and ultimately Omaha’ed for time.

Mary: 20 American Hammers
Sludge’s Sharks joined FloRida’s Jets for FNG naming and distanced Circle of Trust. FNG Quinn is age 18, alumnus of Kernersville Elementary School, since lived in SoCal and Pennsylvania, former HS wrestler and prospective US Navy mechanic. Visiting the old home town this week. Rock steady in today’s AO, Quinn fell in with the group like he has been ITG for years. Wrestling caught the attention of the Pax, which very quickly settled on F3 name G.L.O.W. All follow up naming questions are referred to Sludge.

God is Good! Tardy’s mother successfully recovering from a very invasive brain surgery. Hopefully home for Mother’s Day.

Sludge led us out. Always an honor! FloRida

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