Backblast for Yardbirds 5/8/20 #irunwithmaud

Warmorama: SSHx10ic, with personal stretching.

The Thang: A simple 2.23 mile run. From KES down mountain to just past the Kernersville news, and back.

At the start, we discussed Ahmaud Arbery, the inspiration for a nationwide run. He was a frequent runner, who was hunted down and murdered while he jogging in his neighborhood on February 23, 2020. Today (5/8/2020) would have been his 26th birthday. More details about the run at:

Per Strava, our run stats were: 2.33mi, 19m42s, and a pace of 8:26/mi.

We heard a train whistle during the run, and knocked out 5 burpees upon our return to the school.

YHC had previously setup 10 pain stations around the front parking area of the school. Pax got lots of arms, chest, and core work from these stations.

6mom: low slow flutters x20ic, AH x20ic

COT: 4 with the Q: Blue Hen, Madoff, Duvet, and YHC Tardy (Q)

Prayers: Heal the nation, the sick, the unemployed. Praise that surgery went well for Tardy’s mom, and for continued progress in her recovery. Pray Duvet gets back on his job soon. Blue Hen led us out.

Always an honor. Always right on time. Tardy

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