2020-05-06 Ivey Redmond BackStache

“10” Pax, yes “10”…. Crawdaddy (soulmate #2), Shear Conn (soulmate #1), Mulligan, Chipper (the talker…), Crankbait, Duvet, Special Ed, Mall Cop, Lucky Charms Gilmore, Dean (QPIC). Oh and Hook ‘Em Stood us up…

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Hook Em was busy on an important incident and couldn’t join us in the gloom…

I must say that I was honored that everyone showed up with a Mustache on…an impressive show of mockery! I couldn’t be more pleased. Duvet’s looked real…and I think Mall cop should go for one too….But Mulligan….maybe not

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YHC upon seeing the pax with Staches….

We began with a quick mosey around the closed gate to the parking lot for WOR of:

Side Straddle Hops

Dean Vigodas

Seam Rippers

Imperial Walkers

Stretching Sun Gods

Then a back stretch (against F3 protocol to stretch, but I’m a contrarian…what do you expect) which Lucky LOVED

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Lucky Stretching

Then YHC handed out papers with a complete workout that would allow for proper social distancing to please Roy Cooper himself…

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Roy Cooper Applauding us

Many PAX began to complain that the text was far too small. Me having been gone for so long thought all the old people had already died of coronavirus and thought that font size wouldn’t matter….

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The collective Pax

Thinking on his feet, YHC instructed PAX to form groups with those that could still read. The blind truly were leading the blind. Special Ed made sure to notice that Dean was by himself. This was not intentional. I just wasn’t chosen…After a session this morning with my counselor, i”m ok.

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Blind PAX leading Blind pax…

The workout

Image is small here too….purposely

We then did Mary’s (Chipper helped with the Homer/Marge. At one point Crankbait asked Dean to steal the Q back as Chipper kept going and going…)

Prayers: Catan will die in virus, Shear Conn’s Bro-in-law recovering from surgery, Tarde’s Mom’s surgery today,
Gilmore led us out followed by 22 (he was also sad about the train whistle). So since we didn’t get to hear it. Here’s a train whistle for everyone that reads the backblast. You better do your burpees…

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Virtual Train Whistle

As we walked back to our cars, Crawdaddy noted that his wife would be very excited when he returned with the stache.

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The scene when Crawdaddy got home

An honor to return to the gloom,