Backblast: Feats of Strength…giving Flounder a day off Q’ing

6 pax joined YHC for his first Q’ing experience this morning. I immediately put Flounder to work without notice and asked him to do the the F3 disclaimer. He is a professional and stated it flawlessness with no hesitation.

PAX: Epstein, Deliverance, Flounder, Grease Monkey, Backside, Broadside, Hook ’em (QIC).

WOR: Sealjacks, Abe Vagodas, Sun Gods, Seam Rippers, Imperial Walkers


There were 8 stations strategically positioned around the basketball court which assured social distancing. Each station was one exercise. The pax rotated from one station to the next. They did as many reps at each station that could be done in the minute time frame. We completed 4 sets of the 8 stations. YHC tried to vary the stations in an effort to not focus on the same muscle group two stations in a row. The pax quickly learned that this was not necessarily accomplished as the shoulder work quickly took its toll. The mumblechatter consisted of Epstein letting Hook ’em know his music selection was more like Hook ’ems Wife’s music selection, which YHC took to heart (and agreed the music sucked) and quickly changed the music to a more appropriate Manly station.

Stations: Curls, Goblet Squats, Upright Rows, Weighted Lunges, Merkins, Shoulder Press, Low Slow Flutters, Forward Arm Extensions….

Mary: LBC’s, Hook ’em version of Homer/Marge, and Hammers.

COT: No prayer concerns voiced. Epstein led us out.

Thanks for letting me lead, God Bless.

Hook ’em

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