Backblast: Yardbirds, a Moment of Chipper

10 loyal pax joined to experience the weirdness that is Covid on a Saturday. With literally no disclaimer, the pax headed to Giadda’s.

Pax: Chipper, Sludge, Swiss Miss, Checkbook, Epstein, Gilmore, Pacer, Lucky Charms, Kay, Dr. Evil (QIC)

Mumblechatter (n): Actual or feigned audible complaining during a workout. Example: “You know, there is parking downtown so we didn’t have to run there.” After, said Pax decided to run all over town.


  • SSH’s, 25 IC
  • Sungods, SS, 10 Forward, Reverso
  • Imperial Walkers, 12 IC

The Thang

Ten station were labeled With a different exercises around the buildings containing Giadda’s. Each station was AMRAP, except for the timing station, the steps in front of the building. The pax at station one completed 15 (later revised to ten) reps and then moved to the next station, beginning the rotation of all pax to the next exercises. The stations were:

  • Stairs (timing station)
  • Rocky Balboas (missing Elaine)
  • Dips
  • Pistol Squats, Left leg
  • Pistol Squats, Right leg
  • Carolina Dry Docks, elevated feet (illustration on marker gained zero respect)
  • Wall squats (apparently needed an illustration)
  • Curb Bangers
  • Bear Crawl, two ramps
  • Crawl Bear, two ramps (apparently needed a thesis to explain these)

Unfortunately, the Q failed to recognize that people actually live in some of the spaces above the courtyard. Thankfully one of the residents did not recognize us, because she referred to us as “gentleman” when she alerted us to the fact that it was 6:45 am. At this point we had to move to silent mode which proved too much for Sludge, so he left and ran back to the original park and then to Target and back….of course, with a station unmanned, no one rotates, so one of the pistol squat locations was removed…causing more confusion.

After approximately two rounds, the pax converged for a simple 6MOM:

  • LBC’s, 50 IC
  • American Hammers, 25 IC

Mosey back to the school for COT

  • Etta, Checkbook’s 2.0, was becoming a pediatrician on Saturday. The Pax dedicated 22 merkins, calling out her name, for a video salute.
  • Keep everyone affected by the Coronavirus…especially those on the front lines, in your prayers.
  • With the imposed silence, one pax mentioned, “This is what it’s like for Chiipper very workout. At least that’s what YHC thinks was said…couldn’t hear over Chipper’s incessant babbling…

Observation: Kay and Swiss Miss are pretty fair runners! And Swiss Miss shamed us into holding a plank for the six…by simply doing it. Mothership spy….

Thanks for letting me lead. We will need to take the speaker to the courtyard next time during the week….maybe then she won’t call us “gentlemen.”


Dr. Evil

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