Ivey Backblast 4/29/2020 – Celebrity Status


  • Abe Vigoda – 10 IC
  • Nancy Kerrigans – 10IC fwd, 10IC rev
  • Matt Biondis x10 (“led” by Crawdaddy)
  • Deion Sanders (High Knees) – 10IC
Pax form was perfect on high knees

THE THANG: Celebrity Status

Bear Grylls 

Bear crawl down/up hill. 5 Makhtar N’Diayes at bottom. 5 Peter Parker at top. R&R until Omaha called (about 5 trips up/down hill)

Pax reaction to bear crawls on hill

Paula Abdul – “2 steps forward, 1 step back.”

  • Run 2 lines fwd,  2 Burpees, backpedal 1 line back, Burpee. Repeat to end.
No Pax injured in the making of this production

Paula Abdul meets…

  • Bobby Hurley, 2 line fwd 2 Bobby Hurley, 1 line back 1 Bobby Hurley.  Repeat to end.
  • Ronnie Lott Crossovers 2 lines fwd, 1 line back

Rocky Balboas x20ic, then a Prefontane lap around the parking lot (mosey the first ¾ of lap, increase to nearly full speed on final ¼ of lap). R&R whole thing three times.

Pax celebrating the chance to get better

Paula Abdul meets…

  • Tony Hawk Burpees, lunge clap 2 line fwd 2 Tony Hawk burpee, 1 line back 1 Tony Hawk burpee.  Repeat to end.

And finally…Real heros.  22 slow tempo Merkins for the troops, good form, with the “down” called by Lucky charms.

Pax form was much better than this


  • Suzanne Somers– (side plank push ups) 15IC each side
  • Nolan Ryan – x5 each side
  • AH – 22 IC


Count-o-rama 10 with the Q.

Name-o-rama: Epstein, Lucky charms, Crawdaddy, Mulligan, Duvet, Mall Cop, Broadside, Hook ’em, Shear Conn, Crankbait, Boone’s farm, Tardy (Q)

Announce-o-rama, prayer requests: Crankbait asked for prayers with several difficult events lately (2 friends diagnosed with cancer, Aunt and Uncle in bad car accident, friends son committed suicide). Shear Conn asked for prayers for his brother in law who is having heart surgery. Mall Cop praise for teacher he knows whose cancer is now in remission. Praise that Lucky charms is getting new tennis balls on his walker at the retirement home.

BOM: Crankbait led us out.

Always right on time and always an honor, Tardy