Going through the Bank Teller Lines

7 pax, 2 FNG’s and the Q posted Wednesday morning . Pax: Dr Evil, Slice and Dice, Blue Hen, Gilmore, Back Side, Grease Monkey, Checkbook FNGs: Jonathan 17yrs old & Noah 12 yrs old Q: Sludge

Pre-Mosey to the warm up parking lot.

War: Side Straddle Hops, Sun Gods, Chinooks, Seam Rippers, and Abes

Back to the bank drive thru teller lines. Where there are 4 drive up teller lines. Each line has its own weinke with 4 exercises on it. You will done the 1st exercise on the list and take a lap then to the next teller drive up line and so on and so on.

Lane 1

Flap Jack Burpees 5

Traveling Merkins 13 each way

Diamond Merkins 13

Clock Merkins

Lane 2

Thigh Masters 13/leg

Orangutan Swuats 13

Copper Head Squats 13IC

Exploding Lt. Dan’s 10

Lane 3

Shoulder Taps 20/shoulder

Plank Jack Merkins 15

Perter Parkers 10

Plank Slalom 15

Lane 4

Pretzel Crunches each leg 10IC

Cindy Crawford’s 10IC each side

LBC’s 30 Single count

Crab Cakes 10IC

Nice job the the pax that helped the FNG’s as well as great job to our new F3 brothers for posting and working hard.


LBC’s why 5 pax ran to the street and back (swap)

Box Cutters 5 pax ran to the street and back (swap)


Naming of FNG’s

Noah is a student at North West Middle, he is a big video gamer so he will forever be known as Tetris

Jonathan is going into the National Guard on June 15 and has worked at East Coast Wings and will be known as Flaming Hot


The Quarantine Duck has availability for Friday and Saturday

Keep Blue Hen’s friend in our prayers and he is going through rehab.

Dr. Evil took us out

A pleasure to lead.


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