Backblast – Asbury Neighborhood Beatdown – 4/29/2020

PAX met at the corner of Marietta and Nickel Creek Court.  Upon delivering an outstanding F3 mission statement and disclaimer – 5 PAX (Fortran, Handy, Sprinkler, Jane, Q-Flounder) circled up for Warmaroma which consisted of Abe Vigoda’s, Seam Rippers,  Mountain Climbers, @fortran lead Hillbillies followed by Sun God’s.

PAX then moseyed down Nickel Creek Court to Flounder house for some wall work.

Station 1 –

  • 1-minute balls to the wall
  • 1-minute wall squat
  • 25 Carolina dry docks
  • 25 Lbc’s (ic)
  • Rinse & Repeat

PAX then moseyed left down Nickel Creek Court making a left on Susanna and stopping at the intersection of Susanna Ct. for Bear Crawls and leg work.

Station 2-

  • Bear crawl – 20 paces
  • Thigh master- left leg (10 reps)
  • Bear crawl backwards- (20 paces)
  • Thigh master- right leg (10 reps)
  • Bear crawl sideways(right) – 20 paces
  • Reverse lunge – left leg (10 reps)
  • Bear crawl sideways-(left) – 20 paces
  • Reverse lunge – right leg (10 reps)
  • Bear crawl- 20 paces
  • Lateral lunges(alternating) – 10 each side

PAX then moseyed continued down Susanna Drive passing @Fortran house only to stop at @Jane’s for some 7’s.

Station 3- 7’s – Running back and forth from Jane’s drive to neighbors drive

  • Crab cakes (ic)
  • L. Dans

PAX then continued their way down Susanna only to make a left on Marietta instead of running up driveway of @Sprinkler house where we found ourselves right back where it all began. PAX relieved thinking the beatdown was finally over but the Q thought differently giving instructions to line up along the curb because we had time to get in one more set of 7’s

Station 4- 7’s @ Gathering Spot (Running back and forth from Curb to Driveway)

  • Merkins
  • Monkey humpers (ic)

Mary consisted of Box Cutters (15), Pretzel Crunches (10 ea side), Superman and American Hammers.

Prayer concerns: Keep @Tenderfoot and @Thinmint in our prayer as they make their way back from Texas.

It was nice having @Handy come join us in the gloom. Look forward to your return.

@Sprinkler took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead such a fine group of men.