Red, White and Boom Monday, Subdivision: Skate Rats4/27/20.

The Pax: D. Evil, Sludge, Special Ed, Crawdaddy, Mall Cop, Mulligan, and YHC.  A quick review reveals this group is sort of an All-Star team of mumblechatterers.  Mouths were waggin the entire 45 minutes, but the Q never wavered.  May have been the ear plugs.  While I heard nothing, I’m sure Dr. Evil made some admirable comment about YHC’s cut-off sweats, Crawdaddy made some obscure comparison between the Q’s technique and an 80’s sit com or B-side recording that somehow everyone understood and laughed at, and Sludge regularly berated the Q for poor judgement while taking reps off, himself.  Special Ed laughed a everything.  Mulligan and Mall Cop kept their heads in the game…

WOR: SSHs, DeanVigodas, Seam Rippers, a poor attempt at Imperial Squat Walkers, Mtn. Climbers.

The Thang: 30 for 30.  A mile and half loop in and around the park with pain station stops that included:

30 dips, 30 WWIs, 30 dips.
30 thigh masters, 30 merkins, 30 thigh masters.
30 LBCs, 30 copper head squats, 30 LBCs.
30 CDDs, 30 reverse LBCs, 30 CDDs.
30 copper head squats, 30 erkins, 30 copper head squats.
30 low slow flutters, 30 monkey humpers, 30 low slow flutters.
30 merkins, 30 Freddie Mercuries, 30 merkins.
30 step ups, 30 erkins, 30 step ups.
30 left leg pretzel crunches, 30 luges, 30 right leg pretzel crunches.

6MOM: cindy crawfords, box cutters, American hammers.

Announcements: Get your orders in to Slice and Dice.  You won’t be disappointed.  Prayers: For those struggling with the difficulties of the times.  Sludge led us out.

Always an honor, gentlemen.  Checkbook, out!


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