Some (a lot) of a Bench

7 Pax members + the Q posted this perfect Saturday morning for a Covid 19

Pax: Dr Evil, Boons Farm, Crawdaddy, Duvet, Lucky Charms, Checkbook,Epstein, Q- Sludge

Started out the morning after a perfect mission statement with Lucky just wanting to stand around and socialize

The Q decided to humor him so we had a little Stretch Marks while Lucky caught everyone up on is Corona Gossip.

Then we set out on a short mossey. Were we found a small hill for some Bernie Sanders and holding plank. The back to the Warm Up circle.

WAR: Arm circle things, seam rippers, and then on to the 3 stations where you would do one exercise and take a lap to the road and back and the to the next station and so on and so on and…………..

Station 1 at the Benches

Irkin Burpee’s with jump ups qty19

Traveling Merkins qty 19

Diamond Merkins qty 19

Irkins qty 19

Station 2 in the parking lot

Thigh Masters 19 per leg

Orangutan Squats 19

This was Checkbook after Orangutan Squats

Copper Head Squats 19IC

Monkey Humbers 19IC

Station 3 Hand Rail and Pull Bars

Pull Ups qty 19

Big Boy Sit Ups qty 19

Pull Ups qty 19

Big Boy Sit Ups qty 19

#respect to Epstein for going to the pull up bar each time

Since the Pax Crushed it I had to pull out another Station that I prepared just for this occasion.

Station 4 at the benches Qty 15 IC

Decline Shoulder Taps

Step ups and squat at the top

Decline Peter Parkers

Decline Parker Peters

Mountain Climbers

Was called and we went to circle up for Mary


pretzel crunches



Crunchy Frogs

Low Slow Flutters

Cindy Crawfords

American Hammers


Keep Epstein and family unit in our prayers

Dr. Evil’s neighbor (NOT Pacer. Pacer finally got smart and moved)

Q led us out in a plank prayer

Honor to lead and participate with this group!

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