Backblast -Flash Bang Friday – Yardbirds – “Just keep swimming – Reduex” 4/24/20


Pax:  Lucky Charms, Sludge, Waterwings, Dr. Evil, Checkbook, Epstein, Madoff, Gilmore, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

9 mostly confused pax showed up in various locations only to congregate at the “School Six” location..  Deciding to skip praising the QIC for his dedication and taking time away from his family to prepare an event fit for kings, the insults started in earnest at the onset.  It’s almost as if years of F3 and it’s principals have had absolutely no effect on some people.. Strange

With a phoned in disclaimer we began.  Goal being to keep moving at all times:

WAR – 10 to 15  – SSH, Frankenstein’s, Hurdler Stretch, Dean Vigotas, Chinooks

Group was then advised of the cardio course as follows:

Parking Lot:          Baryshnikov’s

Port-o-Couture:    LBC’s (IC)

Benches:                Erkins

Parking lines:       Lunges

Helipad:                Burpees

Long lap run to road back through bus route to School entrance

Flag Pole:              Carolina Dry Docks

In a social distance circle we started with each person giving the guy ahead a 1 station lead.  First lap was 5 reps at each station, second 10 and third 15.

Passing the leader Madoff heading in on his last lap, asked if he would start a circle of abs as guys filed in.  Finishing myself, to find complete anarchy and no orders being followed.  So everything as usual.

Collecting the group we circled for Mary.


Marge and Homer (Burns included), Low slow Flutters (Back and stomach), Cindy’s Right and left, Crunchy Frogs, 5 Train Burpees, Dying Cockroaches, 21 American Hammers

Prayers and concerns: Reach out to someone to check on them, Slice and Dice has room on Saturday

Sludge led us out

What we learned:

Sludge can read directions but his hard drive can’t except updates on where to park.

Epstein does have a barber..? Which came as a shock to everyone.


Waterwings was simply a delight and simply parked with the wrong crowd

Dr. Evil thinks the only dance moves that ever existed came from the opening credits of In Living Color


Luck Charms was stoked as tonight they serve Salisbury steak change the VHS to On Golden Pond

Gilmore is not and expert in anything… except one thing – ask him

Madoff can run like the wind, just can’t run a circle of ABS.

Checkbook has outdone himself of F3 swag and there are reports of an F3 production village in China that was not allowed to close because of his demand. Ask him to show you the new mobile showroom.


Crawdaddy – Did everything right as usual..

Always a pleasure Gents – CD – out!





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