Feats of Bootcamp 4/20/20

YHC and Florida posted for a crossover workout, with feats of strength weights, body weight, and healthy dose of running.

No warm-o-rama today. We were instead waiting and looking for several fart sackers, in case they went to the wrong place.

The Thang

We rotated through three workout types (arms, core, legs). Three sets of an exercise, then moved to the next. Each exercise was 38 sec work, then 12 sec rest. After each set, ran a lap across the parking lot at 50% out and 80-90% back.

YHC gave the music choice to Florida, and he selected The Outlaws.


  1. Curls
  2. Chest fly
  3. CDD
  4. Tricep press


  1. Turkish get ups
  2. Heavy AH
  3. Freddie mercuries
  4. Homer and Marge


  1. Goblet squats
  2. Low slow flutters
  3. Deadlift Bobby Hurleys
  4. High knees or Butt kickers


  • AH, as counted by Florida


Count O Rama: 2 with the Q

Name O Rama: Florida and Tardy(Q)

YHC led us out.

Always right on time and always an honor, Tardy