Easy Morning by the Pool

Five of the PAX that signed up plus four others including one fng posted for one of the loveliest of mornings yhc can recall for their DRP. PAX who honored their signup from yesterday were Crawdaddy, Mulligan, Duvet, Tarde, and Epstein and welcome add-ons Chipper, Change Order, Blue Hen, and Rick Simpson (fng) kept us within the governor’s order only because Grease Monkey, Backside, and Slice-n-dice fartsacked their signup! Warm-o-Rama Imperial squat walkers x 15 (ic) Sun goes x 15(ic) repeat Frankenstein x 15 (ic) Cotton pickers x 15 (ic) Mosey to hill with coupons Lunge walk to top and leave bricks 7’s with burpees and monkey jumpers IC Grab bricks and mosey back to side yard Methodical bear crawl to base of hill Bricked SPPU x 20 (ic) Partner SSH x 10 (ic) and BTTW against fence Mary Flutter kicks x 20 (ic) LBC x 25 (ic) Cindy Crawford’s x 15 (ic) repeat both sides Hold plank (1 min.) American hammers x 15 (ic) Great to have fng Rick to the Wexford AO (EH by Crawdaddy/Tarde) from Kentucky, lives in K’Ville, in the propane and propane accessories business – Welcome Hank Hill!

It was an honor and a privilege to lead the group today!


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