Backblast: F3 Top Music Hits 4/15/2020

YHC assembled a sampling of the top music hits of all time. This was based on three sources…

  1. Billboard Hot 100 songs and artists:
  2. Rolling Stone top country songs of all time:
  3. YHC’s personal opinion.


“Physical” – Olivia Newton John (3:44) 

  • SSH throughout
  • Break during guitar solo

Note: #10 song all time on the Billboard hot 100


“The Texas Aggie War Hymn” – Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band (1:59)

  • 5 Aggie Merkins
  • 5 sit ups
  • R&R

Note: favorite War Hymn

Aggie Inspiration:

“Brass Monkey” – Beastie Boys (2:37)

  • Partner 1 runs out and back sidewalk from circle
  • Partner 2 does Monkey Humpers
  • Switch, R&R

Note: favorite rap/rock/funk crossover

“I Walk the Line” – Johnny Cash (2:44)

  • Bear crawl across parking area
  • Crab walk back
  • R&R

Note: Top country song of all time on Rolling Stone list

“Gonna Fly Now” (Rocky Movie Theme) – composed by Bill Conti (4:48)

  • Rocky Balboa x10, run across parking area
  • Squats x5, run back across parking area
  • R&R

Note: favorite jock rock soundtrack

“Taxman” – Beatles (2:38)

  • Plank
  • Complete burpee on “Tax” or “Taxman”

Note: number 1 artist of all time on the Billboard hot 100

“Nasty” – Janet Jackson (4:03)

  • Turkish get ups
  • R&R

Note: number 7 artist all time on the Billboard hot 100 (and ahead of Michael!)


“Whip it” – Devo (2:39)

  • Hold Marge
  • Complete Rosalita whip on “whip it”

Note: favorite new age song

“The Twist” – Chubby Checker (2:35)

  • AH throughout

Note: #1 song of all time on the Billboard hot 100

COR: 10 with the Q

NOR: Dr Evil, Blue Hen, Slice and Dice, Boone’s farm, Kay, Grease monkey, Backside, Mulligan, Checkbook, and YHC Tardy (Q)

Prayers for essential workers, first responders, and medical providers.

Slice and Dice led us out.

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tardy

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