Backblast: Back and Forth 4.15.2020

7 PAX descended on the rather windy and chilly confines of Ivey Redmond park for an original Duvet production that included few exercises. PAX involved – Gilmore, Lucky Charms, Change Order, Hook ’em, Broadside, Mall Cop, and YHC.

After a surprising, perfectly executed disclaimer (no, seriously I nailed it) we moseyed to the top lot for some WOR:

  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Sun Gods X 10 IC – reverso
  • Frankensteins X 10 IC
  • Dean Vigodas X 10 IC

The Thang:

Looking at the parking lot long ways, there are six “lanes”. Instructions were to run forward down a lane, complete 20 Merkins, run backwards down the same lane, complete 20 LBC’s IC, then switch to the next lane. Once PAX got to the top of the parking lot where the concession stand is, complete the following:

  • Wall Jumps X 15
  • Dips X 20
  • Derkins X 20
  • Irkins X 20

Then move to the furthest lane and begin again. PAX completed nearly 2 rounds of this, which would total ~240 Merkins, ~480 LBC’s and the other math is not common core.

Mumblechatter was non-existent as we were so spread out, we barely heard Gilmore call out the train whistle, to which we complied with the obligatory 5 burpee’s.


  • Dying Cockroaches X 15 IC – I didn’t look, but I bet someone’s form looked like a jellyfish – just for you Dean.
  • Cindy’s X 10 IC – both sides
  • Crunchy Frogs X 10 IC
  • Hammer’s X 15 IC

Prayers for Gilmore’s M’s friend who had retina surgery – the text message said surgery was a success!

YHC led us out – an honor to lead and be around like-minded men.