Backblast: Yard Birds – Anti-Social Distancing 4/11/20

Arriving almost promptly and seeing no one in the Yard Bird AO YHC made a brief visit to the Bus Bench AO, circled the park looking for any stray Yard Birds, then decided to step up lead the ultimate social distanced workout. After a flawless disclaimer and wondering if homeowner’s liability would pay off if I sued myownself for negligence it was time for..

Warm-O-Rama – above noted jog around the AO. – Streching.

The Thing

4.05 miles of non-stop mumblechatter and filtering pollen throughout the neighborhoods. Apologies to the sleeping masses that had to endure the noise of the PAX.

MARY – 7 minutes of rapid travel home after discovering Gilmore’s favorite room was closed at the park.

Name-O-Rama: Chipper

COT/ Prayer Concerns. – All those who are suffering and distanced from loved ones. Move yourself outside any of today’s darkness and realize that it is just a shadow of tomorrow’s glory.

See you in the gloom Monday – Chipper.