Shallow End Backblast: Stones

Unintentional Social Distancing was achieved by splitting the PAX into two groups of 3:  Epstein, Change Order and Mulligan showed up at 5:25 (sorry guys, I should have been more clear about the late start) and did something with mailboxes, and Tardy, Crawdaddy and YHC showed up at 6:25 and proceeded as follows:


  • 22 Merkins
  • SSH – x 10
  • Don Quixote – x 5
  • Imperial Walkers – x 10
  • Cotton Pickers – x 8

Thing 1

Grab a stone from the back of my car & mosey to street

World’s worst suicides (w/stones)

  • Run to 1st driveway, leave stone and run back to pool parking lot driveway
  • Run back to 1st driveway, pick up stone, run to next driveway, leave stone and run back to pool parking lot driveway.
  • Continue doing this for 8 driveways (8th driveway is about 400’ from pool lot driveway)

Reverse suicides w/8’s – LBC and run to stone and Lunge w/stone moving stone back 1 driveway each time

Suicides w/8’s – Crunchy Frog and run to stone and Squat w/stone moving stones up 1 driveway each time

Reverse suicides w/8’s – Merkins and run to stone and Burpee w/stone moving stones back 1 driveway each time

(Worst possible train whistle timing resulted in 5 Burpees during this part of the workout)

Mosey w/stone back one driveway at a time back to pool

Thing 2

“Easter” stone roll – bear crawl while rolling stone from top of lot to bottom


“Satisfaction” – Plank (“No” = Merkin / “Satisfaction” or “Try” = Plank Jack)

            This was the #1 song the day YHC was born, 55 years ago Sunday

Birthday Burpees

COT – The Lord’s Prayer

My watch counted 4,642 steps, which is a new record for me.  I hope you got enough.

It is always an honor to lead this amazing group of men.

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