Backblast: Poison Ivey 4.8.2020

Yellow pollen choked any PAX willing to awake at an early hour this morning. Made YHC wonder if I am developing allergies to which I was greeted with “you only develop things you want” by our humble and soft-spoken Crawdaddy. It was a sold out crowd at Ivey Redmond, and after doing the count, we were one over the limit of 10 – those who posted were: Hook ’em, Broadside, Mall Cop, Shear Conn, Fudd, Crawdaddy, Mulligan, Lucky Charms, Chipper, Gilmore, and YHC.

After a nearly flawlessly botched disclaimer, we moseyed to the lower parking lot to really incite the mumblechatter – “we do WOR in the upper lot, why are we going down here” – for nostalgia sake.

  • Seal Jacks X 15 IC
  • Frankenstein’s X 15 IC
  • Sun Gods, sobriety style X 10 IC, reverso
  • Goof Balls X 15 – perfect form here by all!
  • Hillbillies X ??

Moseyed up to the upper lot, each PAX getting in their “lane” – a parking space at one end of the parking lot – simple ladder up with a suicide – run to the first line do exercise, run back to beginning, run to second line do exercise and back, until the fourth line (will add two more exercises for the next iteration of this workout)

  • 25 Merkins – 1st line
  • 50 Squats – 2nd line
  • 75 Peter Parkers – 3rd line
  • 100 Monkey Humpers – 4th line

Over to the lower concession area for the next round – ladder up by 10’s, after each exercise, run to the end of the lot and back.

  • 10 Derkins
  • 20 Irkins
  • 30 Dips
  • 40 Step Up’s

The real crowdpleaser was of course the train whistle, which was nearly missed, until it blew loud and clear – Hand Release Burpee’s X5 for all.

Next stop was the short lot next to the concession area – it’s not a Duvet production without a bear crawl to one side, lunge walk back, jailbreak to the other concession area to complete merkins to failure – two claps to Shear Conn and Gilmore for outlasting the PAX here.

On the brick wall, we moved into jump ups X 15 to dips to failure, jump ups X 15 again and Irkins to failure.

Just to really confuse the PAX, Mary was completed in the upper lot:

  • Freddie Mercury’s X 15 IC
  • Sweat Angels X 15 IC
  • Captain Thor’s 5 X 20

Prayers: Keep Ms. Fisher’s family lifted, teacher from NCLA, as she passed – 29 years old and her father passed away within the past year, tragic.

Mall Cop led us out.

Hope you got enough! Always a pleasure to lead.