Breaking New Ground. Backblast and Preblast Combo:

BACKBLAST – 4/3/65 Flash Bang Friday; Skate Rats Subdivision. 9 Pax met in the very dark gloom to make themselves better.  Deliverance and YHC who celebrated b-days with burpees, Tenderfoot, Mulligan, Duvet, Broadside, Hook’em, Water Wings, and Change Order.

WOR: went something like this, (2) SSHs, on-your-six back stretching, Dean Vigodas, Peter Parkers.

The Thang: Partner up, but maintain social distancing.  Partner 1 starts with first arm/chest/leg exercise at the bottom of the bus parking lot, while partner 2 travels to the top of the bus parking lot for 15 IC ab exercise of his choice (options were provided), then  travels back down to the bottom of the parking lot to relieve Partner 1. Partner 1 travels and completes ab exercise while Partner 2 takes over the count on arm/chest/ leg work.

Bottom of the lot: 300 gorilla squats, 200 merkins, 300 thigh masters, 200 peter parkers, 100 lt, dans, 200 Carolina dry docks, 200 monkey humpers, 200 shoulder taps.

Top of the lot: ab exercise of your choice, but options were provided – WWIs, WWIIs, pretzel crunches, dying cockroaches, imperial walkers, hillbillies, crunchy frogs, LBCs, American Hammers.

First team to finish won two rolls of Gilmore’s finest.

6MOM: with time running out we went straight to American Hammers.

YHC would like to thank Change Order for carrying him through.

Prayer Concerns: Duet’s sister-in-law who has tested positive for COVID-19.

YHC prayed us out. 

PREBLAST – 4/6/20 Red White and Boom Monday; School Six Subdivision.  Park beside KES auditorium. Near the portikacheer thingy… 5:30 launch

Workout will be ditto the above, Register elsewhere if you don’t want the repeat.  SYITG

Checkbook out!

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