Yard Birds

April 3 2020

7 posted (Epstein, Lucky Charms, Gilmore, Pacer, Slice & Dice, Fudd, & Sludge)

I brief trot around the Field of Burpee’s waiting on Pacer to arrive, due to him having to go into overtime while taking an early morning OH Boys!!!!


Abes, Cotton Pickers, Sun Gods, Side Straddle Hops

The Thang

3 Stations: Feel the Bern at the hill, Plank Everything at the amplitheater benches, Abbtastic out in the parking lot toward the Pack Rat Storage trailer.

We made it through 6 rounds before Omaha was called for Marry.


Low Slow Flutters, CC’s, Box Cutters, and American Hammers Epstein Style


Support Slice & Dice and the Quarantined Duck

Prayers for Nurses and Doctors and Volunters

Teacher at NCLA

Epstein lead us out and 22 Merkins for our Vets

Honor to Lead and Stay Healthy My Friends

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