Backblast for Temporary AO at Wexford Pool 4/3/2020

The Bad:  This week, I recruited a couple of FNGs, plus reached out to several MIA Pax, and attempted to motivate my 2.0 (“One time”), but all fartsacked. Zero for zero. Struck out. Skunked.

The Good: Last week it was just YHC. Happy to have Blue Hen join me this Friday.  That means this AO had a 100% week-to-week increase in Pax numbers.  One-hundred-percent growth…in one week…just try to top that!

The Future: Aiming for more “viral” growth next week with 4 Pax, for a second straight week of 100% growth.  Blue Hen has already agreed to Q, so that alone will surely draw in 2 more folks.


  • SSH x10IC
  • Exercise called by Blue Hen
  • Dean Vigodas x10IC
  • Exercise called by Blue Hen (seam rippers?)
  • Matt Biondis x10IC
  • Exercise called by Blue Hen


An exercise is called for each round.  At each mailbox, the exercise count ladders up from 1, 2, 3…and so on until you reach the 10 count at the 10th mailbox.  Total for each round should be 55 reps of the called exercise. Rinse and repeat until time up.

Ladder rounds:

  1. Lt. Dan
  2. Turkish get ups
  3. CDDs
  4. Copperhead Squats

Along the way we paused for a set of Monkey Humpers 10xIC in front of two homes. First was the Smith Family (Pacer’s brother and Tardy’s next door neighbor).  Second was the the Abee family (friends of Blue Hen).

The route also resulted in a jog around the main loop of the neighborhood, approx 1K total.  


  • Cindy Crawford x12IC right side, x12IC left side
  • LBCs called by Blue Hen
  • Freddie Mercury x20IC
  • Exercise called by Blue Hen
  • Hurricane flutters x30
  • AH x15IC


  • Count-o-rama: 2 with the Q
  • Name-o-rama: Blue Hen and Tarde (Q).
  • Prayer concerns and announcements: Everyone affected by Coronavirus, those out of work, those with decreased work, and of course the sick/dying and their families.
  • We talked about how this might be a great time to recruit new Pax. Reach out to guys. Maybe their gym is closed.
  • BOM: Blue Hen led us out in prayer

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tarde

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