Northern Aggression West- 04/01/20 – Until Failure

The Northern Aggression West Pax parked, gathered, and worked out on the East side of the bank and Main Street this morning, While Northern Aggression East did the same on the West side of the bank.  There are some wrinkles to work out, but hey, just keep moving…. 

Pax of seven included Dr. Evil, Deliverance, Slice & Dice, Lovie, Mulligan, Blue Hen, and YHC/Q-in-charge, Checkbook.

With the rain subsided, The Q went with his dry-weather weinkie option of an old workout favorite, “until failure”

WOR: dean vigodas, sungods, lung twists, imperial squat walkers, and we were off for a short mosey down the street and back, ending up in the parking lot on the EAST side of Main St…even though we were the WEST group.

The Thang:  The idea was to perform the given exercise until you, yourself failed.  Once you failed individually, you performed the second exercise until the last Pax member failed.  Then move to the next “until failure” exercise.  We had a few laps around the block thrown in just for variety.

Balls to the Wall until individual failure.  Imperial Squats until the last man failed. 
Lap around the block
Monkey Humpers/Mtn Climbers
Crunchy Frogs/Hold Al Gore
Lap around the block
Carolina Dry Docks/Imperial Walkers
Diamond Merkins/WWIs
Lap around the block
Monkey Humpers/Frankensteins
Sweet Angels/Hold Plank
Lap around the block
Burpees/Peter Parkers
Gorilla Squats/LBCs (let it be known some made it to failure on both before Dr. Evil failed at his 100th Gorilla Squats. T-Claps, Dr. Evil)
Lap around the building
Dying Cockroaches/Reverse Plank
Low-slow flutters/Hold Superman
Mosey back to the EAST side of the bank, so the WEST team could complete 6MOM.

6MOM: Cindy Crawfords, Superman, Box Cutters, American Hammers.

Announcements: Slice & Dice and his M are offering catered meals during this challenging time.  Help a brother (and small business owner) out.  Check out his menu on Slack under the 2nd F.

Prayers: for our country, and our world as we battle through these trying times.

It’s supposed to be difficult, fellas.  Checkbook Out!

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