FEATS of STRENGTH – 3/30/2020 Backblast

8 PAX (Deliverance, Epstein, Tardy, Duvet, Hook Em, Bambi, Mulligan & Flounder) gathered by the basketball court and then took a short mosey through the parking lot and around the basketball court Warmaroma.

  • Seal Jacks
  • Chunook Squats
  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • Seam Rippers
  • Mountain Climbers

Feats of Strength workout went like this: PAX lined up along one side of parking lot and spread out so there was one Pax per parking space (9’ apart for good measure). PAX performed a list of duel exercises where they did exercise #1 with weights and exercise #2 without weights. Starting with 1 rep for exercise #1 and working their way up to 10 reps while sprinting across parking lot after each turn to perform one rep each time of exercise #2 before sprinting back to other side of parking lot. Total of 55 reps for #1 & 10 reps for #2.


  • #1 Bicep Curls – #2 American Hammer (IC)
  • #1 Arnold Presses – #2 Lt. Dan’s
  • #1 Overhead Triceps Extensions –   LBC’s (IC)
  • #1 Straight Legged Dead Lifts – #2 Merkin)
  • #1 Turkish Get Up – #2 Dead Lifts
  • #1 Goblet Squats – #2 Dying Cockroach

Had three more sets but ran out of time so we moved right into Mary which went like this:

  • Cindy Crawford’s (12 ea side)
  • Superman (1 minute)
  • American Hammer’s  (35) (Thanks for leading this @Bambi)

Prayer concerns – Keep Dan & Brenda Montague in your prayers. The have been stuck on a cruise ship of the coast of South American for weeks. They are both in their mid-70’s and are members of MSUMC.

Also keep Duvet’s “M” sister in your prayers. She lives out in Memphis and tested positive for the virus two days ago. See is in her early 20’s so hopefully she will recover ok.

Hook Em reminded us how important it is to take this crisis seriously and follow the law that is being put out there. He talked about having to shut down several church’s yesterday for gathering.

They are still having trouble with younger college age students that continue to gather to party and how upset the community is for them doing so.  

Praises: Tim Means who works in health care field tested positive a couple of weeks ago but is doing well and should be cleared in a day or two to come out of quarantine.

Bambi lead us out.

Hope everyone got enough!