Organized Weinke

Thirteen PAX gathered in the drizzle to remain some of the only ones putting in any kind of betterment in the face of social distancing. The fine men posting consisted of Flounder, Lovie, Sprinkler, Testimony, Mulligan, Boones Farm, Gilmore, Slice-n-Dice, Blue Hen, Kay, Dr. Evil, Checkbook, Epstein

We began with a mosey to the parking area across from the bank on the corner of S. Main and Harmon Lane. There we enjoyed SSH x 20 (IC), Copperhead Squats x 15, Plank Jacks x 15 (IC), Cotton Pickers x 10 (IC) before venturing into traffic.

A quick mosey down the road to the bottom of the hill illuminated The Thang – clearly written on a sign large enough to easily allow 6 feet between all PAX members. Checkbook had the line of the day noting this was the “most organized weinke ever”… Clearly not written by YHC, but by Mrs. Epstein.

the top and bottom of the hill was separated by 670 ft according to Google Earth, so in addition to the exercises listed we logged impressive mileage (don’t do that math because you won’t be impressed). Dr. Evil and almost everybody else repeated the first round with the exception of YHC who focused primarily on form.

A lesson learned was we need to work on our sloth merkins as a group. These will be back soon so we can really get it right!

Moseyed back to the parking area at Harmon Park for 6MOM consisting of:

Parker Peters x 20 (IC) + Peter Parkers x 20 (IC) + American Hammers x 10 (IC)

Always an honor and a privilege. Thanks for letting me lead!



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