Feats of strength backblast 3/23/2020

A Flounder inspired production…and YHCs first attempt at a timed tabata Q.

Post to F3. Don’t be like Vince Neal.


SSH x10ic

Morrocan night clubs x10ic

Butt kickers x10ic

Nancy Kerrigans x10ic fwd then rev

Matt Biondis x6ic

Don Quixotes x10ic

The Thang

We rotated through three workout types (arms, core, legs). Total of 12 sets. Three cycles of an exercise made 1 set. Each cycle was 40 sec work, then 10 sec rest. After each set, took a 25 sec rest.  


  1. Curls
  2. Nolan Ryan
  3. Derkins
  4. Tricep press


  1. Crab cakes
  2. Turkish get ups
  3. Heavy AH
  4. Rosalita whips


  1. Goblet squats
  2. Step ups
  3. Deadlift
  4. Step downs


  • Hurricane flutters x10, seated flutters x10, low slow flutters x10, all ic
  • Freddie mercuries x10ic
  • AH x10ic

Things seen and heard: Epstein kept his shirt on, so it was kinda cold this morning. Epstein catches big fish. Flounder catches bigger fish. Duvet brought his wife’s heaviest (8lb) weights, and no grief was given. Bambi appeared to have a Gilmore-like delay to his workout, and YHC suspects the free toilet paper in the restroom was the real draw. Three sets of Derkins is plenty. Everyone likes Kenny Rodgers song, “The gambler”.


Count O Rama: 5 with the Q

Name O Rama: Epstein, Flounder, Duvet, Bambi, and Tardy (Q)

Prayers for leaders making difficult decisions during times of Covid19 impact. Prayers for all impacted.

Bambi led us out.

Always right on time and always an honor, Tardy

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