Backblast: Flash Bang Friday 3.20.2020

22 PAX descended on the gloom to get a little work in before the day got too far away from us – Gilmore, FloRida, Lucky Charms, Wham-O, Dean, Mulligan, Dr. Evil, Change order, Slice n Dice, Flounder, Boone’s Farm, Sprinkler, Far Side, Pacer, Testimony, Kay, Blue Hen, Sludge, Checkbook, Crawdaddy, Water Wings, and YHC.

All the work was really done yesterday while hemmed up behind a computer screen that couldn’t pass Covid-19 back to me. I tried a drawing first – mistake, probably need to take drawing 101. I thought about walking the PAX through this routine then setting everyone free while in the gloom – this was not a social distancing friendly idea, nor did I see that going over well, so I decided upon the classic worksheet. When I was a teacher, I hated handing these out to students for the sheer volume of questions received on how to do something that is not so clearly spelled out on the worksheet, but I knew I could count on this hearty bunch to answer as they went, or just do some exercises as listed whether correct or not. Hence, I moseyed off with the much smaller crowd so as to avoid the mumblechatter and any backlash with the improper execution of the disclaimer, directions, spelling, or other inane thing that may have crossed the minds of the PAX this morning.

WOR went as follows:

  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Frankensteins X 15
  • Seam Rippers X ???
  • Sun God’s X 10 / Reverso

Basically, PAX were on their own to work at 6 different stations. There were original groupings stated on each sheet, but we all know how directions go some times. The intent was to have no more than 5 PAX at one station at one given time so as to practice social distancing while working out. Intention … expectation … and execution don’t always align.

After a time and a half through the exercises, Omaha was called and PAX circled up in the parking lot next to the school:

  • Low Slow Flutters – 10 count
  • LBC’s X 15 IC
  • Dying Cockroaches X 10 IC
  • Hammers X 15 IC


  • There’s a virus – pray
  • Prayers for Checkbook’s daughter and placement for residency assignment


  • We are here / healthy
  • Thankful for the escape from reality in the mornings

Far Side led us out

Gents, it’s a pleasure to attempt to lead this bunch whenever I can. Hope you got enough. If not, I can deploy the other three stations I left off this workout for next time … maybe on a Saturday.

Duvet – out!

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